Well hello again.January just seems such a blur now as it went so fast I didnt even attempt a blog. There wasnt much to

report only that we worked through most of Xmas and the new year because of a sickness in the family and the bloody wind

didnt help either. So it worked out ok for everybody.

February is a different situation. We are sad to announce that we, Just Propellers WA will not support, condone or back any

of the business dealings of the Eastern states SOLAS dealer and take no responsibility for their actions, accounts or dealings.

Not much can be said at this point but a huge change is about to happen with distribution to the other six states. We will keep

you informed the minute it all happens.

Yamaha. It can be said that SOLAS is now making in our factory, a range of yamaha propellers directly for yamaha in SOLAS

high chromium flexible stainless steel that should see them look and perform far better than a painted stainless propeller.

Well done SOLAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING for being the premium producer of quality products in the marine Industry.

Thats all for now


Michael and Cheryl

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