Well didnt I just lose three months. With Christmas, a brilliant boating season, shifting Yantina out of fishing boat harbour and into Claremont yacht club

there just hasnt been time to blog it up. Propeller wise there is not alot of news. SOLAS have been contracted to make rubex system bushing for suzuki which

is terrific for SOLAS as it does not matter what you call it, its still SOLAS Made and a rubex bush system. Be mindful though that they retail for $85.00 at

you SOLAS dealer and who knows how much from suzuki. $272.00 I have heard. Which probably leads me towards this shopping around that customers are

partaking in. Sure, if SOLAS is a stand alone manufacturer and we lose a sale for $10.00 I always wonder if the buyer sees the lack of warranty, second rate of the castings and the soft bushings used as to why they are cheaper. No.Please dont go for the cheapest. They fail without warning and there is no comeback.


Carrying a spare propeller. This topic has come up alot recently as customers come in to buy or have a propeller repaired. It seems as though rescue groups

are exercising the right to charge you $200.00 or so if your propeller fails and you dont carry a spare. Stands to reason really. You dont drive across the country with a spare tyre so a spare prop seems rational. We have decided to reduce the price dramatically on our XCOMP composite propellers to fill this void.

So come on in with your propeller size (written on the prop) and we can sell you a get home spare complete with a SOLAS bush for as little as $125.00. This is

way under retail price and is just a small way that Just Propellers WA is putting back int othe Industry.

Cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

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