Well its over half way through the month and I have only just sat down to attempt the final blog for the year.

It has been a hell of a year with many changes ready to come in the new year. New products and  a few surprises

as far as SOLAS is concerned. Stay tuned for those.

On a more general note, we in Perth pioneered the 30 minute prop trial in W.A. which seems to have been taken

advantage of of late in that, a trip to rotto or shark bay does not justify a trial period. It actually means you own the

Propeller whether it works or not. Especially when they come back looking very secondhand. So, remember, prop

trials are 30 minutes in the water or less and then the prop needs to be able to be sold as new to be exchanged.

We are the only company in W.A. that allows this so please keep to the guidelines and we will keep doing the trials.

Well it comes to opening hours over this Christmas period.

We have decided to open on the available working days;

open December 27,28 and 29 till midday then January 2,3,4 and 5 as  normal.

We at Just Propellers WA wish to thank all of our clients for dealing with us throughout the year and we hope to continue

this relationship for many years to come.


Michael and Cheryl

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