Hello again,

during the last six months SOLAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, the parent company, has been battling with the idea of changing

the Eastern State's distributor rights for their own reasons. Well, after many months of non compliance by the existing distributor,

it has happened. The new distributor of  SOLAS products for all states accept W.A  is;


1800 677 436, 02 99972788.

All the best to Jason and his team. I am sure they will do SOLAS proud.

In the meantime, Just Propellers WA has the only stock holding in Australia so if you are from the other states, please be mindfull

that all sales are being supplied out of Perth at present, until AMS receives their stock direct from the Taiwan factory.

Back to Perth and the absolute devistating weather on the weekends lately. Its just killing boating this season and even making the

weeds grow quicker on my old boat sitting in the pen doing nothing. Make sure to give the bottom a scrub instead of a high speed blast

to remove growth. It will save your propeller bushes if you manually clean it rather than trying to drive it off.

Thats about all for now


Michael and Cheryl










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