Pretty rare that I get up on the soapbox this late in the month but there is quite a few things putting the Marine Industry down

at present and they dont seem to be getting any better. First off, we have a large dealer in Mandurah telling his now lost

customer that I charge $220.00 to rebush an alloy 60 horsepower propeller. Mate, thats the SOLAS price for a new 13 spline

propeller with a full 5 year warranty. We actually charge $83.00 but most of the mexican castings you sell cant handle the

5 tonne pressure and so fail.Then he tried to sell him some 4 blade alloy new thing for $380.00 with no mentioned

warranty at all. Best is the merc 4 blade doesnt even fit the clients gearbox without the new thrust washer that they dont supply!

Also when you tell a client that you are fixed price and  wont do anything about it, THEY WALK ! cheers for the new customer.

He left here with the correct prop, a bunch stubbie holders and a promise to tell half of mandurah about you .

Until the Marine Industry stops stiffing eachother, we will sit behind the caravan sector as a group of fools. I went to a caravan

show once and asked a question, ' what makes your van better than that one". The answer still rings in my ears, ' that van is

 good for what its made for, ours is better". enough said.

Second we have a serious situation with a changing of distributor in the Eastern States. I have no problem answering calls

from all over Australia, passing on information etc and the new numbers where to buy from over there now. Please understand

I have the only SOLAS stock holding in Australia at present so all propellers will come from here until stocks are delivered to them.



2. ALL MARINE SPARES   1800 677 436

Simply ask for SOLAS by name. Its simple. Its marked on every box, propeller and carton they make so dont be fooled by people trying

to pass of cheaper copies of SOLAS items in the future.

Finally, I got called a price scalper earlier this year by a dealer that carries a solas made jet pump that I also carry. I had a little search

only to see on his website that he sells the pump for $2340.00 whereas I retail the pump for $1500.00 each. Go figure.

Cheers for now and happy easter

Michael and Cheryl

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