Hello again. It is becoming more and more common for us to have problems with trial propellers being returned damaged.

This has always been a problem that people just dont seem to understand. When a propeller is supplied it is of the understanding

that a 30 minute or less trial will take place and if the propeller is not satisfactory, not damaged and can be resold as new, then it

will be exchanged for the correct propeller based on the data you achieve from the trial.

Now I have another yachty, he named himself on my google review so I guess its ok to mention Craig Baird of SOPYC wanting

to return a propeller with damage to all 4 blades and not have any consequences. A return fee of $45.00 , the difference between

the damaged propeller and the cheaper replacement  propeller didnt seem to be a huge price to pay as I would need to reduce the

price to sell the damaged one. But good ol Craig seems hell bent on tarnishing my name with google reviews and a day on court.

Please, ask around the trade. We are the only Company that allows trials both to dealers and the public but if the trend continues

then we will have to consider stopping the service all together.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

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