Back from the week off, fully refreshed with a double dose of Bali flu. Seems we didnt miss much though.

Cold windy with the normal August start for the passed three years. One thing we have noticed since getting

back is the way Product substitution is slowly creeping back into business. We have just had an $800.00 SOLAS

Hr titan 4 stainless propeller come down from up north that the client complained about a vibration through the

whole rev range after having the Propeller rebushed elsewhere in Perth. On inspection we found a Mercury

plastic drive sleeve with their thrust washer and rear drive spacer fitted to a SOLAS rubex drive. Sure, they

fit but when tightened, the plastic drive sleeve dollys around losely and doesnt grip the housing, coursing

out of round performance. So please note, SOLAS RUBEX bush kits work in Original equipment Propellers

bush their torque flow kits do not work in SOLAS Propellers.The only reason for this is that the O/E kits were

designed 30 years ago and rubex designs are 4 years old

thats all for now


Michael and Cheryl

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