Hello from Perth. I have had a hilarious week doing normal business in the factory only to have

one of  my clients email me a copy of a specials sheet doing the rounds throughout Australia

from , you guessed it, the unceremoniously sacked ex solas dealer in Queensland with actual

photos of him in mainland chinese factories having original equipment propellers etc copied

and selling off as his own.

So the warning is, if you see products for sale with 'original design manufacture' or 'factory direct'

you will know very well that these are cheap unwarranted copies with little or no quality control,

warranty or backup service without repair capabilities. Enough on that ongoing tragic.

SOLAS are hard at work designing and re designing propellers with a couple of new ideas ready for

release next month so stand by. Us, we are fully stocked up with a new container arriving this morning

ready for the new season,albeit a very late start.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

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