Here we are almost January gone and Ive only got to the blog now. Busy times with school holidays and some pretty good

weather around , if you like wind, so the props have been flying out the door. Thanks for that.

Nothing surprising to report. We have had some really curly ones come through this early in the year, twin, triple and quad

setups with some very surprising combinations of props and gearbox rotations. All in a days work around here.

A few more details will have to be asked in future like rotations, combinations of rotations etc etc.

Whats new?. our online sales area is off to a good start. We are not aiming at going fully online as I am sure that propeller

advise is required more often than not so unless its just a direct replacement, I am happy to talk a client through it. The

Impeller, jetski housing and wear ring sales have been impressive with the site working well. They are at pretty good

prices, lowest in 10 years so its a good time to grab a spare.

Our pitch and prop exchange sytsem is working well but please remember that this doesnt mean you can come a buy any

propeller to try it say, just cos ya mate said it would work and expect me to exchange it. If I dont think your request is being

within the engines requirements, sure I will sell it to you but no exchange service will be supplied.

SOLAS.COM.AU is now up and running and will give the contact details of both of the Australian dealers and the areas

we cover. You can find this in the contact section.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

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