Basically Ive just lost a month because we have been so so busy. Sorry about that. I havent alot to report this month

only to give a better indication of which direction Just Propellers WA will be heading into the future.

We know that we;

Still only repair SOLAS and original equipment propellers

Warrant our product longer than any other Retailer in Australia

Actually use the word WARRANTY on our websites unlike others that avoid the word

will not rebush omc v6 propellers unless  they are SOLAS made.

will not warrant a SOLAS propeller repaired anywhere else but here especially rebushing. They just dont fit.

will not swap, replace or return any SOLAS propeller  unless faulty. it also has to be bought here at Just Propellers WA.

will be as polite to customers as they are to me.

will continue to supply the best product suited to your vessel based on information supplied to me.

will always practice pitch and prop exchange if the rules are adhered to.

I love my business and will do what it takes to get the best, SOLAS, in the water

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl



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