Hello again, well its been a busy few months whereby the blog has been the last thing on our minds but

sorry if you missed it. Its been madness around here. With new products arriving through SOLAS and of

course our announcement of a new EXCLUSIVE Distributorship Australia wide we are all go here.

XCOMPKOREA, is a casting company out of Korea. They have chosen us to wholesale/retail their product

throughout Australia. We are so happy to have an extra string to our bow now with a product not new to the

market but surely a very modern and enovative version of this product that we are sure it will be a success.

Our first order leaves SEOUL in days so we will begin the task of spreading the word to all that are interested.

Composite propellers. These have been tried in the passed as we said, but looking at this design, structure and

innovating design features, we are sure they will do well.

Feel free to call me to discuss possible sub dealerships around Australia as well as on selling and retail

opportunites are available.Feel free to google XCOMP for their interesting website and description of their product.

cheers for now

Michael and Cheryl

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