Hello again. It has been some time since Ive actually had the time to write on here. With Perth

International boatshow and stock orders coming in hard and fast, I have just plain run out of time.

The show. Well I must say the timing, venue, weather and attitudes of my fellow exibitors was excellent.

It was fairly evident from day one that it was going to be a quiet sales show as ,well, I dont like doing

this, making it political but i think its true. We have a federal government that just seems to float around

the shirt tails of the U.S.A. not even considering implementing online tarrifs and duties to other countries that

wish to steal our sales and well the State Government that is hell bent on getting a trainline out to Gnangara

no matter the cost, to get people into the city where there are no jobs anyway!

Back to Propellers. SOLAS owners came for a flying visit last weekend with a list of new products for 2020.

I am sure that these additions,to be highlighted in the future, will help in making a more complete list to supply to the market.

SOLAS .Totally commited to being the most ennovate developer of propellers in the world.

On  ever too common note, I just had a customer ring about a failing original equipment prop for a mercruiser. I immediately

recognised his voice from two weeks ago. He ended up going done south of Perth to a dealer and saving 18.00 on a v6 propeller

only to find it performed like rubbish. Well needless to say I reminded him that his drive to on prop may not have been the best idea.

Its easy to look at my prices online and cut them marginally to gain trade but have you told them,


The XCOMP propellers are being testing in Exmouth and Kununurra on the 50 horsepower range at

present with initial signs being very good. The blades seem to be a little stronger that we first thought and the mild

cupping to the blade has made performance noticeable too.

Well thats it for now.


Michael and Cheryl


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